Barrique wine store


Sean O’Brien runs the esteemed Barrique wine store in Healesville, a fantastic local wine emporium and tourist check-in.
With his vast industry knowledge, Sean sources an eclectic range from around the world including a strong representation of Yarra Valley wineries, boutique breweries and the newly emerging ‘craft spirits’ scene. 

Sean’s passion for sharing his knowledge amongst wine lovers across the region sees him host in-store weekly tastings on Friday evenings, with appearances from guest winemakers. In addition, Sean manages a thriving online store through his website, keeping him very busy curating mixed packs for customers far and wide.

As a small independent wine store standing proudly as a platform for local product, you get the personal guidance, the curated stock and the expert knowledge that large bottle shop chains simply lack.

“We champion the efforts of smaller growers and makers, and provide as much opportunity as possible to ensure that their wines get the exposure they deserve”.

We’ll drink to that.