Our tour of Clamms Seafood gave us great insight into the process from market to plate. Politely standing to one side, in our gumboots and hairnets, we watched on in awe as rows of mongers scaled and filleted with speed and precision, 60kg tuna were hoisted onto hooks and banter was hurled across the floor. 

From regulars on our menus to the bizarre and beautiful, we were shown a wide range of fish and seafood. Walking amongst the crates it appeared there really was plenty of fish in the sea but as this saying sadly becomes less relevant with the growing issues of over fishing, consumer demand and environmental destruction, we asked Clamms how they’re working to meet the demands of the market while maintaining sustainable aquaculture… 

“We do not promote products that have been sourced unsustainably from overfished stocks, destructive fishing methods, or from poor aquaculture practices.” It’s in the interests of all parties to work in this way, fisherman simply must fish sustainably for their business to survive. More fish in the sea, better quality fish on our plates, healthier people. To guarantee and prove their sustainable fresh fish and seafood range, all products are traced directly back to their place of origin. 

With a zero-waste policy for their fresh seafood all left overs from the filleting and portioning are recycled into fish fertilizer.