What a special time of the year it is when Patricia from Misty Valley Farm sells her free range chickens. Only available for a short period once a year, locals queue up at her stall at the Healesville Organic Farmers Market and over November/December we’re lucky enough to offer it on our menu for a limited time. Proper free range in the rolling hills of Hoddles Creek, it was a pleasure to have a tour of the farm and meet the girls. We're already looking forward to next year!

After a career in Interior Design, Patricia moved out of town to the tranquility of Hoddles Creek. Here, with her partner Chris, a wine consultant at Oakridge, they set up Misty Valley Farm, first and foremost to rear livestock and grow fruit and veg to feed her family sustainably. Walking around the property it was evident that not a square metre was wasted, whether it’s rare breed ducks or saddle back pigs, a veggie garden or small vineyard. Patricia follows biodynamic principles in her farming, referencing the innovative American farmer Joel Salatin as a big influence. Her daughter and son-in-law, a biodynamic farmer, live over the fence and help with the livestock and other farming. 

We came away inspired by Patricia’s energy and enthusiasm for self sufficiency, to know and raise everything she puts on her plate.