From developing an interest in fermentation to becoming Head Brewer of Napoleone, Ben Waymouth’s journey has been one of experimentation, learning, and refining. We asked Ben some questions and got a good idea of his infectious enthusiasm for great beer. 


S. You come from a home brewing background, it seems to have this reputation of lethal strength beer. 
Is it really that hard to get right? 

BW. No and yes. The best thing to do is get in contact with your local homebrew club or look up the American Home Brewers Association. Information is key, take a week to read about your new hobby and don’t go for the cheapest ingredients you can find. Good beer like good food/wine/cheese/life starts with a good base.

Can anyone master it with just a bit of practice?
BW. Master no, be very good yes. Mastering anything takes a lifetime, producing good beer at home can be with a few basic points. Good ingredients, healthy yeast, good temperature control and most importantly be very, very, very clean.

Whats the best home brew kit to start out with?
BW. I would get in contact with Grain and Grape in Yarraville and have a chat.

Choice beer for this summer?
BW. Very hot day look for a Berliner Weisse or a cool crisp lager.

Pick of brewery that’s got your attention/doing great things?
BW. Australian, Boatrocker. Internationally, I’m a big fan of Heretic.

Favourite accompaniment with beer?
BW. Whiskey – but if we are talking food a good selection of cheese or some nice BBQ meats.

Tell us about your collaboration with The Craft&Co.
BW. We brewed an American Pale Ale, I selected the malt base for the beer and Cade from Craft & Co. created the hop profile.
Fairly happy with the result.

Plans for the future of the brand? Increasing volume? Experimentation? Increasing interest in different styles of beer?
BW. All of the above. Taking some time to play with small batch beers and keep the tap list interesting for locals. Doing some more collaborations, I love learning from other peoples brewing or production methods. Hopefully we can find the time to expand on the lagers that we currently produce, but they are a big tank commitment.